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Teal Rose
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Teal Rose

Price: $58.95

Real roses dipped in 24k gold so they will never wither!

13.5" tall golden box

All single flowers come with their own individual 13.5" tall golden box.

Teal roses symbolize fun and freshness! A teal rose will say "hello" to a new love, and to a longer love it says that your relationship is still just as full of fun and feels just as fresh as when you first met, and that it will never go stale or become boring.

Feel free to use or modify any of the following expressions on the free card that can accompany your flower:

  • The meaning behind the color of this rose is freshness and fun. This rose is covered with gold so it will be preserved and never loose its qualities. I'm giving it to you because it symbolizes us. We are fun and fresh and we always will be! I love you!
  • You're still just as fun as ever! I love being around you!
  • I look at people who seem bored with their relationship and feel sorry for them and lucky that I have you. You're so fresh and fun!
  • There is never a dull moment with you! Thanks for all the great times we've shared so far. I look forward to spending the moments of many years with you.
  • Don't we have an amazing time together! Let me answer that for you. Yes! We make a great couple and always will!
  • You are a breath of fresh air in a stale world. I thank God for you!

Teal is also the official color of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. Many have found these teal roses, which retail their beauty and never die, to be the perfect expression of their feelings for those who are fighting for beauty in their quality of life and for a symbol that their beautiful relationships will never die. This rose is very powerful because it is an "Enduring Rose". To Endure means to to continue to exist; last. It also means to survive adverse force or influence of any kind; suffer without yielding. These teal roses therefore embody unlimited expressions of endurance.

  • Enduring love
  • Strength - like our rose, to endure hardship
  • The Enduring nature of our relationships
  • The rose, representing your special person, is beautiful, strong, and will remain beautiful forever
  • The coating of gold symbolizes the strength those around her give as they support her and hold her up.
  • These roses represent the lasting nature of our beautiful souls.
  • The yellow gold on this rose echoes the color of the earth and lends this rose to symbolism of continuing earthly life and beauty.

Do not underestimate the power that symbolic gestures can have in the lives of others. A hug, after all, is only an expression of what we feel inside. Our acts of kindness and support matter very much and can change lives. We here at Enduring Rose, support the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition in their noble goals.These gold dipped roses are unique and amazing. What better gift for anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or Christmas than a gold rose? They also make the perfect Golden 50th Anniversary gift.

Check out our Rose Vases for the ideal vase to display your romantic rose gift. We have vases for one rose to a Bouquet of a dozen.

Purchase our roses and then add a piece of romantic white gold Women's Jewelry or our new white gold Charm Bracelet jewelry to make her glow. Or, pair it with one of our Romantic Clocks or Stuffed Animals!

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